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9/4/05 5:30 PM

5:30 PM: When 5:00 came and went and I hadn't heard from Randall (and was getting no answer on his cell phone), I packed a bag for the hospital just in case they had decided she should be admitted. I called him again and he answered, but the signal was too weak to talk. He called me back from a regular line to say the TPA worked and they were able to draw blood from her line. He had been waiting for quite some time for labwork to come back and was expecting it any minute. I'm very curious to hear the results of her blood test so we can find out whether she will be starting treatment on Tuesday or whether she needs a transfusion. He said we'll need to do a cap change (for the second time today). For some reason they decided to take the cap off at the ER, and so they will be sending her home with an empty syringe attached to the end of her line, because they don't have caps at the ER. Our sitter is still coming tonight, so Randall and I can go have a relaxing dinner once they get home.

By the way, Sophie woke up twice last night to go to the bathroom, but she didn't ask to eat once during the night. What a difference that made!


im crossing my fingers for the tests to be okay!!!! ((hugs))