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9/4/05 PM

10:00 PM Home again after date night (and a marathon shopping trip to Target and Harris Teeter). Needless to say, we spent more at Target than we did on dinner, but it had been a long time since we bought some staples, and we were running out.

Susan seems to have given everyone the information about our grand adventure at Betsy Johnson Medical Center Emergency Room, where no matter what is wrong with you, you are guaranteed to lose at least 4 hours of your life (we're lucky we got out when we did--while we were there, one couple up and left before they saw a doctor or got X-rays done).

Sophie's counts came back shortly before we left, and they looked pretty good. We're expecting a call from the doctor at UNC this evening or tomorrow to let us know how they look to the folks up there. Assuming they are strong, Sophie will go up to Chapel Hill for the second half of this round on Tuesday. Thankfully, no steroids, but a number of drugs that are new to us (and a spinal tap and, eventually, another PEG shot). This last week has been a bit of a breather for us (believe it or not), but the treatment continues . . .


What a day you had! I'm glad you finally got out of the hospital -- relatively unscathed. They really do seem to be one of the worst I've heard about.

I hope your service went well yesterday.

Mom is still doing well -- she'll take her last dose of steroids today, but it certainly hasn't given her any problems.

Happy Labor Day to all!