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8:00 PM: It's been a lovely day at home today. First of all, Sophie slept through the night without waking up for anything (or at least, not waking US up for anything). I don't think I've ever appreciated sleeping through the night as much. Her eating is also slowing down (although she did eat 3 packages of cheese grits for breakfast). No requests for pasta today. The girls watched some TV today, but they also spent a lot of time playing and pretending together, with very few arguments (or "sharing violations" as we like to call them). The best of today was playing outside in the yard tonight. It's really nice outside, and we kicked a ball, played on the swings, and I weeded our little side garden.

Sophie's hair is falling out so much, it's starting to irritate her (and us). Even her peach fuzz (the stuff that had grown back in from what fell out earlier in the treatment) is starting to fall out. She's in the bathtub now, and I plan to cut it fairly short when she gets out. I don't really have a plan, but I hope it will look okay. I can hear her in there complaining about the hairs that have fallen out in the bathtub and are sticking to her.

The doctor called today after analyzing the results of her blood test. Although he's not sure the hospital ran the tests correctly, he's pretty sure her counts are too low (.3 ANC) for treatment tomorrow, so we'll have a week off.


glad shes feeling better! Tho it sucks shes losing all of her beautiful hair :( Even if im sure you dont wanna share photos, id love to see how shes doing physically. im praying for you