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7:30 PM: Another night without Sophie waking up. How wonderful! She still has a ways to go physically. Her eating has slowed down, but she's still pretty puffy and bloated. I cut her hair very short last night (a little bob to the nape of her neck). But there's so little hair left, I don't think any haircut could look good (plus the swelling just makes her look so different). I took a few pictures just now and we'll transfer them to the computer later so we can get them online. She didn't really want to smile. She's still very irritated by all the hair that's falling out. Not much we can do about that without shaving it all off (which I don't think she would enjoy). I just keep scooping it off (like making a loose ponytail and grabbing anything that's hanging off the end) and using a lint roller to pull off what falls on her dress (size 5 today).

She and I had a good day at home while Randall and Elisabeth were at school. She watched a LOT of Scooby: from 9-12 and from 1-2:30. We need a nanny! She napped from 2:30 to 5:30, waking up just in time to pick up Elisabeth from school. The girls got a few things in the mail today (movies from a friend at work, an American Girl magazine, and some presents for Elisabeth's upcoming birthday--9/14). That made them happy (not that Elisabeth gets to see those presents yet!).


Sounds like things are getting better, at least as far as the sleeping goes. Hope that all continues on the up and up. Blessings to all
Love and prayers Deanna

Hey Elisabeth's birthday is the same as my dad!! :) It sucks for Sophie's hair :( You need a nanny? If you can't get one, I'd love to, tho I'd need somewhere to stay where you live lol :P i could stay there 24/7 and take care of the girls!! :)