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8:45 PM Susan stayed home with Sophie while Elisabeth and I went to school today. It sounds like they had a pretty good time. They ran some errands (dry cleaning and shopping) and had lunch at Cracker Barrel (always a favorite). Susan noticed today (and I noticed yesterday) that with Sophie's obvious hair loss, it seems as if people are paying special attention to her, commenting on how pretty she is and the like. It's really touching, I suppose. At least, Susan is positive about it, appreciating that people are being as sweet as they are and not staring or just ignoring Sophie altogether. As an introvert, I am not as excited about the extra attention, but, of course, Sophie just eats it up, so it's all good. Sophie has very, very little hair left, and what is left falls out in great handfuls. It's hard to imagine that she has enough hair to fall out, but we're still finding it on her clothes, on her pillow, and the like. Now that it's falling out, we'll all be relieved once it's all gone! Frankly, I'm thankful that Sophie's personality has mostly returned to normal (you should hear her laughing!).


that a girl!!!!