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9:30 PM: Today has been a good day. Sophie entertained herself for much of the day (mostly watching TV), and I was able to get a fair amount done as well. The greatest thing about today has been that Sophie has taken the initiative to look after herself a little bit. Sophie ate breakfast at the couch today (watching TV). Once she got settled, I went to take a shower and told her that if she needed something, she could either come get me or take care of it herself. As I'm getting out of the shower, I hear all of this clanking and clanging from the kitchen. Apparently, while I was in the shower, Sophie finished her breakfast, and she was putting all of her dishes away, folding up her TV tray and putting it where it belongs next to the refrigerator. It's so satisfying to see her trying (and doing a really good job) putting her things away!

The worst part about today was that I got a call from Elisabeth's school to pick her up early. She was complaining of a sore throat and was running a low-grade fever. Since we have no idea what Sophie's counts are right now, we really need to be careful about germs and the like, so this is not a welcome event. Elisabeth spent much of the evening "quarantined" in her room watching the portable DVD player (she even ate dinner in there). She definitely is not feeling well, but I'm glad this is happening on a Friday so she can rest and (hopefully) recover over the weekend. We'll work hard to wash our hands and keep the girls in separate rooms as much as possible. Elisabeth may not get the chance to go to a birthday party tomorrow, but if she's sick, she needs to stay home. Hopefully this is nothing serious.


We're sorry to hear that Elisabeth is sick. Haley has a cold too (sneezing and coughing). Hopefully it won't last long and Elisabeth will be all well for her birthday. Haley is blaming all of those kids at school who will not cover their mouths or noses when they cough and sneeze. She's pretty upset about it! I hope you all have a geat weekend. I wish Elisabeth were able to go to Emily's party but, atleast she had a chance to enjoy the same thing at our church a couple of weeks ago. It's the same company doing the party. Take care and we'll be seeing you soon. Haley keeps asking when she can have a sleepover. Soon I hope - when things slow down a bit. We hope Sophie continues to improve. It sounds like everyday she is more like herself. I'm just glad she's feeling much better. Laura

yay for Sophie!!! ((hugs)) what about those pictures you talked about?! I'm sure she's still the cutest just like before!