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10:00 PM We've all had a very good day. It started early this morning with a Men's Breakfast (actually, it's for everyone, but the men cook) and rolled right into worship and Sunday School. We had a pleasant dinner afterwards with a couple from church. Sophie was more than her usual, entertaining self the whole time. One of the cuter things she said today was at church. Sophie commented on how much hair another little boy had (Nathan) and quickly pointed out that she had no hair. Then Sophie went on to speculate that when she "gets bigger" her hair will grow back. Maybe it'll be white, she thought, or maybe it'll be green. I know that sometimes chemo can make your hair change, but I don't think we'll see that much change!

We're still somewhat anxious about the home health nurse coming tomorrow. We're convinced that Sophie has another clot in her line and we'll need to make a trip to the ER. We're pretty sure that we'll try Cape Fear (down in Fayetteville) this time, because they have a pediatric ER. Then again, maybe everything will be fine and we'll be able to draw blood from the line. Either way, there's not much use worrying about it. I'm glad we've got a plan for what we'll do if we need another ER visit, though. Hopefully that will be an improvement.

Ashley came and sat with the girls tonight while Susan and I went out for a much needed time together. We spend so much time talking with each other that we really miss it when our lives prevent us from just hanging out together.



Mom is laying and moaning, but nothing seems wrong, so I decided to come in my room and get the update to have ready for her in the morning. She had a fairly good day, but is still not getting up at all, which concerns me. Maybe I can get her up a little tomorrow! H.C. and Shirley came to visit, and she had a good talk with them. That made me happy. She also ate well.

I vote for green hair!

Hugs and kisses to all!