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8:15 PM: I think everyone in our household had a good day today. Sophie seems to be feeling well and enjoyed her time with Shatesha this morning, which was followed by a good long nap (all of which meant I got lots of work done while I was at home with her). I picked up Elisabeth a bit early from afterschool care so she and Sophie and I cold have a quick dinner together before Elisabeth's new Tuesday night ballet class. The girls had a picnic in the back of the minivan, which they loved.

Elisabeth didn't shed a tear or seem the slightest bit intimidated about stepping into a completely new class tonight. I stayed and watched, and I'm really pleased with the way the instructor is handling the class. Elisabeth worked hard and really enjoyed herself. She was a total chatterbox on the way home. I asked her if it was a good day today or a bad day (it was a good day). Then I got curious and asked her what has been the best day in the last year. I thought she would say it was her birthday. She told me it was St. Patrick's Day, apparently because they made a huge and wonderful mess in her classroom at school. I got no further explanation than that. Then I asked her what was the worst day in the last year. Without hesitation, she said it was when she broke her finger because of the TV falling on her.

Randall also had a good day on campus, and his evening class had been cancelled, so he was able to come home earlier than normal. It's nice having him here to tonight. He and Sophie will head out to Chapel Hill early in the morning for her weekly treatment. She'll be getting the dreaded peg shots, plus a squirt of vincristine in her line.


glad everything is well with both gurlies ((hugs)) !!!!!