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7:00 PM: Okay, today I'm the crabby one. I'm not quite sure what my problem is. Being pulled in too many directions, I guess. Randall went to class today, and Shatesha was here to watch Sophie. Nurse Amy also came by to update her records. Sophie took a good nap today, and after she woke up, we went to Countryside (her old day care) to meet her new teacher, see the new classroom, and see her friends. She seemed very happy to see Ms. Maria (her old teacher), and she seemed to like Ms. Cindy (her new teacher). Several kids really seemed to take to her right away when they were playing outside. Cameron, in particular, wanted to spend time with her (she wasn't so sure about him though--when Randall asked her the best and worst things about being at daycare, she said the worst thing was when Cameron wanted to site next to her!). Once the kids went inside, Cindy showed Sophie where she would be sitting when she comes back. While most of the kids were sitting on the rug, she wanted to sit at her spot or play by herself. She liked the play phones and made several to her daddy and sister. She was definitely clingy, especially when she was outside, but I think she'll get used to it very quickly.

We'll all be home together tomorrow. Randall doesn't have class on Fridays (but needs to work on his sermon), Elisabeth is out of school for Veteran's Day, and I already drove in two days this week, so I'll telecommute. Shatesha and Elisabeth will meet for the first time tomorrow. Elisabeth is excited about that. It will be nice to have a day at home. I think I'll make lasagne!