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9:00 PM: Typical Sunday for us. Church, Sunday School, lunch out, grocery shopping, nap, Bible study. So, it was a full and satisfying day. We've been struggling lately with Sophie having a meltdown or really having a bad attitude if we tell her no or to stop doing something. We had to talk with her several times today (and implement a time-out). We'll see whether things are better tomorrow.

Not to be gross, but one thing we really have to stay on top of with Sophie is her bowel movements, because constipation can be a real problem that can lead to hospitalization. We realized this morning that she hadn't gone since Friday morning, so I gave her some Senekot, which really works well with her. Too well, this time, in fact. She went a good amount early afternoon, and a couple more times through the day. Just after we put her to bed tonight, while she was playing with her LeapPad, she called us in because she had pooped (a lot!) in her panties. Luckily, it stayed in her clothes, so we didn't have to change the sheets, but she was really upset. We weren't the least bit mad or upset, so it didn't take her long to calm down. She had another panty-changing incident just now as I was writing, and I hope now she's done for the night. I was going to say it's either feast or famine, but that's a kind of yucky analogy!

Tomorrow nurse Amy comes to check her blood counts. It's been two weeks since she started maintenance, and they want to be sure the dosage of her oral medications isn't too high. If her counts are good, the dosage remains the same, and she is cleared to go to day care. If her counts are low, she'll stay home for another two weeks, and they'll lower the dosage.


Seems that you guys need to get back to work just to get a break, what a busy weekend you had. Sorry Madelyn missed Sophie when she visited daycare last week. I was off and let her stay with me. Hope she'll be returning soon. Hope you have a great a week.

Hello. I hope all of you are doing well. I am glad Sophie has been doing good. I was happy to see her at the Awards Ceremony on the 4th. She's so cute! I don't know what Sophie is able to take with all of her other medications but, you may want to ask about Miralax. Haley has always had a problem with constipation and Miralax is a powder that you can mix in her juice that is mild and will keep her regulated. It is daily and if you need to you can skip a day depending on the need. It has really worked well for us especially since Haley hates medicine so bad.
I hope Sophie's counts are good tommorow. It sounds like your family stays as busy as mine. Take care and hope to see you all soon! Laura