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6:00 AM: I just realized we never posted an update last night, so I thought I'd write a quick one before I head in to work. It seemed like we spent the whole day at church yesterday (but it was Sunday, so I suppose that's appropriate!). The men served a breakfast at 8:30 (and it was delicious, as usual), then we had our normal worship at 9:30 and Sunday school at 10:45. Randall was back at 1:30 to assemble the last few items for the Thanksgiving boxes and went back again for a meeting at 3:00 (the girls and I stayed home for those two). At 5:00 there was a children's practice for a special hanging of the greens service, and then we stayed for Bible study at 6:00 (the girls mostly entertained themselves while we met). Whew! After a quick dinner at home, Randall and I tried out a few hymns on the handchimes (we're going to try to play something for the special service and Randall had brought them home from the church during the day). The girls enjoyed watching us, and Elisabeth even joined us for a few pieces. She was so excited about it.

Elisabeth is coming down with something and didn't feel good most of the day (runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and an occasional upset stomach). Lots of people seem to be sick, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sophie didn't catch something. But her immune system appears to be in good shape, so I hope she'll be able to fight it off (and I hope she can avoid a fever so we can avoid the hospital!).