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11/21/05 PM

7:15 PM Well, today was my first day at home all alone (Susan left for work early, Elisabeth went to school, and Sophie was at Countryside). I was just about to get into the swing of things (I had forgotten how much you can get done when you're not tending to a child full time) when I got a call from Elisabeth's school. She was complaining of a sore throat and since strep had been going around, they did not want to be too cautious. So, mid-morning, I took Elisabeth to urgent care here in Dunn (the same place we took Sophie when we first suspected something was wrong back in January). We spent what felt like the better part of the day there. Poor Elisabeth felt miserable and to top it all off, she had not had lunch yet. We finally ate around 2:30 while we waited for her prescription to get filled--amoxicillin because, yes, she does have strep throat. The doctor was very concerned with us keeping Sophie as protected as possible, so we'll be extra vigilant (although her immune system is probably quite strong right now).

Sophie had a great day at school as near as I can tell. They have been thinking of moving Sophie up to the 3-4 year old room because she is so bright and articulate. Of course we knew that already, but I'm glad she'll get the chance to be around some older kids. She got to try it out for a while today and for our evening report, she said that was the best thing that happened today. The lunch report went something like this: Susan asked, "what did you have for lunch?" and Sophie responded, "Beans, which I did not like, pretzel, which had something yucky in it, applesauce, which I did like, and chicken, which I did like." That's a direct quote (according to Susan). I can remember last fall when we would ask Sophie the same question, we got the same response every day, "hot dogs, french fries, and orangins." She really has grown up a lot in these last ten months (today is ten months to the day that she was diagnosed).