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5:20 PM: It's been a pretty good day. Sophie got up once during the night, but we didn't have to feed her--Randall just laid down with her (she has a double bed), and that seemed to do the trick. Church went well, but it was a bit of a rush to get out of the house. Sophie sat in my lap the whole time. She's just so tired. The girls ate macaroni and cheese when we got home, and then Sophie fell asleep. Unfortunately, we were supposed to go to a potluck at church at 1:00, so I stayed home with Sophie while Randall and Elisabeth went to the lunch. The foods for this round of steroids have definitely been popcorn, macaroni and cheese, or hot dogs (Hebrew National brand--don't even think about giving her the Carolina Reds everyone around here like so much)--and not one bowl of cheese grits the entire time. She did eat a small bowl of apple jacks with milk today, so we had a little variety. This morning was her last dose of steroids, so we're looking forward to a decrease in these side effects. We're a little dismayed by the thought of going through this every four weeks for the next year and a half.

Sophie just told me that we need to brush her hair. I wasn't so sure about that, but I did it, and the fuzz does look ovely now! The other cute Sophie story for today: We had communion at church this morning, and Randall was talking during his sermon about the "bread" at the "table." Sophie said, fairly loudly, "I don't want to eat the bread at the table. I want macaroni and cheese!" Sure enough, when we went up for communion, she wouldn't take any bread.



Sophie's suggestion for macaroni and cheese made me laugh out loud!

And I needed a laugh. Mom is having a confused day, and my patience is at an end -- before the end of the day. Ah well, tomorrow will maybe be better.

I hope the steroids get out of Sophie's system quickly, and life can be more comfortable.

Hugs and kisses to all.