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8:10 PM Susan and the girls are probably on their way home from Elisabeth's dance class (Susan took the girls so that I could finish up an assignment that is due tomorrow). I've had a pretty good day at home today with Sophie. She has definitely been less crabby than in the past few days, and although her cravings continue, she doesn't eat as much in one sitting as in the past. She is very, very aware of what is happening this round, though, and she keeps talking about how her tummy is getting bigger and how she "can't wait until her tummy gets really big." She is visibly putting on some weight, but since the steroids are done for this month, she'll slowly lose most of it before too long. I am thankful that she has been less agitated because that is very hard to deal with and it is so contrary to her personality.

Elisabeth had a great day at school and I got to (slightly) embarass her by showing up this morning in her class--she had forgotten her piano books for today's lesson and I figured I'd take the time to drop them off. She seemed happy to see me (for a change--usually she is just mortified that I'm there). This evening the girls and I had a wonderful time at the dinner table and afterwards I had them laughing themselves silly in the bathtub. It was a good day. You may have noticed, too, that we no longer talk about Sophie's dressing changes, mostly because they are such non-events now that we forget to mention them! We had one this evening and it was just fine.

Today's "cute Sophie" report is something that she does quite a bit: when she's watching Scooby Doo, she turns to whomever is sitting with her (Susan, or me, or Shatesha) and says, "if you get scared, you can come sit next to me, okay?" I suspect it's more a matter of Sophie being scared than anyone else, but it's awfully sweet that she's concerned about the rest of us!


Good Morning!

Mom just had one of the vegal incidents, but I was prepared this time and it didn't scare me (much)! I have her all cleaned up, and she looked calm and happy -- and is already snoring, so I came in to see the update, and calm down! The good thing is that she has no temperature, so I hope she is feeling better when she wakes up.

I'm so glad both girls had good days. I think parents should embarrass their kids at least periodically. Probably I still do!

I hope all of you have a great day.

I love you.

I'm glad that things are going okay. Those Sophie stories are so cute - I love the one about stopping at Food Lion to pick up a few things. Such a little lady! Things have been a bit crazy here because a liver came through for my godson who has been in need of a transplant. The operation went well, but now it is a waiting game. My friends are hanging in there, but it is a big strain on them so I have been trying to help them out as much as possible. So excited to hear about all of Elizabeth's accomplishments. The fact that she is embarrassed of you bodes well for her social development, so no worries! :)