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8:30 PM Sophie is flitting about the house, Elisabeth is practicing her piano and we've all had a great evening at home together. It seems like we so infrequently are together at home as a family in the evenings that I have grown to really enjoy the times we are together! Both girls stayed up way too late last night, which meant that we had a slow morning (although Susan left very early, as she usually does). Elisabeth made the bus okay, though, so all was just fine. Sophie stayed with Shatesha while I went to a meeting and got some reading done. Sophie still craves a great deal of food, but she eats less and less and seems to be less obsessive about it (particularly at night when her eating has to be restricted because of the medicine she takes at bedtime).

Sophie's latest trick is that she draws. A lot. She's actually drawing discernible objects now, like faces and arms. She pretty much draws the same thing over and over again, but she is getting very good at it! Sophie has had so much energy lately, we didn't realize how crummy the steroids must have been making her feel. Susan's plan for tomorrow is that as long as Sophie gets down early for a nap, she'll go to Countryside tomorrow to play and visit with her friends. I can't wait to hear how that goes.