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9:30 PM Today has been a very, very full day. Unfortunately, I still have an itchy, all-over rash from the amoxicillin. Actually, it seems to have gotten better today, but at the moment, I'm pretty uncomfortable. We got a call from Sophie's day care about mid-morning. She was complaining about her knee hurting. Susan called the oncologist on call and his impression was that it was a possible side-effect from the steroid, although I can't remember Sophie having that particular side effect in the past (just a little reminder that this sort of thing can be quite random). We took Sophie some tylenol, and that seemed to do the trick. Sophie seems to be settling into Countryside a little better every day. She is such a sociable child, we knew it would only be a matter of time before she felt at home again there.

This evening, we all went to the district pastor's Christmas Party. We had a pretty good time, and it was nice to catch up with my colleagues in ministry (hi, Adam!). Unfortunately, we're coming home late, so Sophie will need to take her steroid (with food) now and we will need to wake her up later in order to give her the mercaptopurine (on an empty stomach). Outside of the knee/joint pain today, this round of steroids seems to be less challenging. Then again, we still have two more days to go, so we'll see where we are Sunday evening! This weekend and next week will be especially challenging for me, as I have a Very Important church meeting on Sunday afternoon, a paper due Monday, two more due Friday, a final exam the following week, and Susan will be out of town for two days this coming week. Pray for us all!