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9:00 PM We've had a very full, but satisfying Saturday. It was mostly a lazy morning (for me especially--the benadryl I've been taking means that I've been sleeping really well lately). We spent most of the morning taking care of things around the house (like laundry) and about mid-morning I went to Urgent Care to have my rash looked at. As always, that was a long visit--I brought my lunch and a book I've been meaning to finish for some time. Turns out I am having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin, so I was given a steroid shot (ouch) and long-acting benadryl (twice a day). The doctor said I should be feeling less itchy by tomorrow. I can't wait. Actually, this afternoon I was already feeling a little better, although I've been itching a lot this evening. Feeling better (and, apparently, a boost of energy from the steroid shot) meant that I got a lot of work done this afternoon while the girls napped and then went grocery shopping. I finished my sermon for tomorrow (before Saturday evening, I might point out) and got about halfway through a draft of my paper that is due on Monday. The girls got baths tonight and were especially cute. Elisabeth wore a bib in the tub just like Sophie, although I think she decided that it wasn't much fun. Sophie's hair is coming in enough now that she actually has something to lather up the shampoo with. Sophie seems increasingly cranky, and a little food-obsessive, but once again, this round of steroids has been less challenging than those in the past. I imagine that each one will be different. I noticed that once again, Sophie will be on steroids for the Sunday when we celebrate Communion at church. I hope there will be no "I don't want bread, I want macaroni and cheese" tomorrow!


Hi Randall and Susan, I finally had a chance to visit your site and catch up on everything you are doing and going through. It all makes my head spin. You are all in my thoughts and prayers so very often, even though I am not very good about writing. (The world is spinning faster and I am spinning slower!) I hope tomorrow is a good day for each of you. I hope your rash has calmed down by morning, Randall.

PS - I have a new e-mail, although the aol address is still working for awhile.