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8:15 PM This has been an extraordinarily busy Sunday for us. Worship and Sunday School was typical, but we also had a church conference this afternoon to approve preliminary plans for a new facility for the congregation (it passed). Immediately after that we had our first rehearsal for the Children's Christmas Pageant and immediately following that we had our usual Sunday evening Bible Study. There was no date night tonight.

Of course, this website is primarily about Sophie, so I should report on her. She's been somewhat cranky today, although not too bad. Our biggest problem, given our schedule, has been getting her mercaptopurine on an empty stomach at night. Because she has been so hungry, it's been hard to keep her from eating 1 1/2 to 2 hours before bedtime. What we have been trying to do is wake her up in the middle of the night (actually, when we get to bed around 11PM) and give her the mercaptopurine. She's not very fond of that, as you might imagine. In fact, last night, we forgot and eventually gave it to her some time early this morning when she needed to go to the bathroom. Because of our schedule tonight, we'll be giving it to her later, after she's been in bed for a while, once again. Hopefully once the steroids are out of her system she'll be able to keep from eating 2 hours before bedtime and all will be well. She complained some more today about her legs hurting, so we gave her tylenol, although she did not want to take that either and cried and cried and cried. Go figure. Hardcore chemotherapy drugs she chews up like candy, but try and get a tylenol in her and she pitches a holy fit.

Cute Sophie moment of the day. We were discussing the Children's Pageant in the car on the way from church today, and we were running down which kids were supposed to play which part. Finally, in a quiet moment, Sophie piped up and said, "Who's going to play God?"