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10:11 PM: It was nice to be at home today, since I drove in for work Monday and Wednesday and to clinic on Tuesday. Sophie's teacher said she had a great day at Countryside. She wasn't noticeably crabby or tired (although I suspect that will start soon), and the highlight of the day was that she got to see Ms. Dawn (who was her teacher in the 2-year old room last year and babysat for us before she moved to Virginia a few months ago). Both girls seem especially loving and snuggly lately. I'll have to remember that when they are moody irritable teenagers. Speaking of irritable, Randall is suffering a pretty bad allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he was prescribed for strep when Elisabeth tested positive and he had a sore throat. He has a terrible itchy rash all over, and he's just miserable. It started yesterday, but by the time he realized that it was probably because of the antibiotic, he only had one dose left (although he did skip that this morning). A friend of his at school said it looked a lot like a penicillin reaction. Benadryl has been helping a little but not as much as he would like.