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8:45 PM: Sophie seems to be doing better today. Her day care teachers reported that she coughed a lot, but she hasn't had any fevers and has been in a good mood. Well, she was in a good mood until it was time to go into dance class and she pitched a big fit. We had driven separately, so Randall just took her straight home.

We got a great report on our kitty. Apparently, the mass on her chest was a large fluid-filled sac. The doctor removed the sac, drained the fluid and sent it all off to be tested, but she thought it would turn out to be nothing to worry about. The doctor made a t-shaped incision so she could get a good look at what was going on, so Hannah will have quite a scar. So now instead of calling her "Lumpy," we're calling her "Franken-Hannah." She'll go back in 10 days to have the staples removed (and we should hear back from the lab before then).

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Glad to hear Sophie is feeling better. It is so hard to see them not feel well. I know that something has been going around the daycare. Sara Katherine had it for 4 days. The doctor said she had a virus and she seems fine now. I know Elizabeth is looking forward to being out of school for the holiday. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Annette Sills