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10:15 PM It has been a while since I posted, partly because of our transition to a new host and partly because I've been slaving away on my final papers and studying for finals. Today was my last final exam--actually, if I only take one class next semester, it may really be my last final exam!--and I'm pretty much brain-dead at this point. I'm glad to have finished all of that work, and it looks as if I've done well again this semester. Elisabeth promised me that if I get all A's, she'll be especially good. Now that is an incentive!

I left early this morning so that I would be able to get to my 9:00 am exam. Susan called during the commute because Elisabeth was beside herself hysterical. I suspect that the flu shot we got yesterday has affected her somewhat, although she is not really displaying any symptoms (other than her arm hurting). She ended up going to work with Susan, which I guess worked out mostly okay. I got to meet them for lunch, and she seemed fine to me. She ended up sleeping all the way home and was pretty whiny around dinner time. Tonight we had rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant, and she seemed fine during that. It's entirely likely that she's feeling moderately crummy and when she's otherwise interested in what's going on, it's not a problem.

Sophie still has a nasty, hacking cough, although her energy level is fine and she's been fever-free since Susan took her to the ER a couple of days ago. Her hair is really coming in, and everyone seems to enjoy feeling her "fuzz." Today at Countryside, she apparently entertained everyone with all of her dance moves. I'm glad she's settling in there.


Just stopped by to follow up on what's been going on lately with you guys. Sounds like things have been quite busy. We think of your family all the time and little Sophie. We had the best time at the park. My pictures of the kids really turned out great! We hope all of you will have a wonderful Christmas, (free from HOSPITALS)!!!! Maybe the girls can get together over the break sometime. I know Madi would love to. Take care.