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8:45 PM: Wow, what a day! We barely made it to church on time this morning, but it was a good service. One of the church members told Randall that Randall is the best preacher he has heard. I think so too! It's nice to have his talents recognized. After lunch and nap, I headed over to the church to get ready for the play. The dress rehearsal went pretty smoothly, and we had plenty of time to eat dinner before the play started. The church was nearly packed, and the kids did a terrific job. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and we had a nice time socializing over refreshments afterwards. I am totally exhausted though. I can't believe it's already time to go back to work tomorrow. And I have to drop the car off to be repaired (to fix the dent from the stop sign) before I can start working (we'll get a rental car).

Our biggest tragedy of the day is that both girls ended up spraining their ankles. Sophie hurt hers after Sunday School, while we were getting ready to go. There are two steps from the sanctuary up to the chancel area where the altar is, and she likes to jump from them. She must have misjudged the distance and hurt her ankle. She hasn't been able to put any weight on it all day. There's no swelling, but she cries instantly if she tries to stand. That meant that she had to be held all night and that one of the shepherds actually had to carry her (she was a lamb). Then, after the whole thing was over and Randall was getting the girls out to the car, Elisabeth stepped off the edge of the sidewalk, fell, and actually hit her head on the car ("right where you hit the stop sign" she told me later). She says she can't walk either. We'll see how both girls are doing in the morning. I'm not sure what we can really do for them. We can give Elisabeth ibuprofin, but Sophie can't take that, and we have to be careful about giving her tylenol because it can mask a fever if she's getting one.