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10:15 PM A surprisingly full day at home today. Sophie and Elisabeth both went to Countryside today (Elisabeth is out of school for break and Countryside offers childcare when school's out--it was her idea, so we decided to let her go). Sophie was still pretty unwilling to walk on her foot this morning, but by the time I picked her up this afternoon she was doing much better. I think she enjoyed having her sister at Countryside today. I spent the better part of the day working on all the things that have been put off to the side while I finished up my exams and final papers, mostly paying bills but also (ugh) dealing with some insurance and billing issues. I think I got everything squared away, or at least I got things so that they are not my problem for the next ten (or more) business days. Susan went to work and was able to drop off the Honda for the body work from when she got up close and personal with the stop sign. Our insurance covers part of the expenses for a rental car (we'll miss the Honda for about three days), and Susan ended up choosing an Infiniti--I told her not to get too attached to those heated seats!

One issue that cropped up today was that we got a letter from our insurance company stating that, effective immediately (!), Pediatric Services of America is no longer part of our network (PSA is our primary pharmacy for medical supplies for Sophie's line care and also contracts out for our Home Health Care). I haven't yet figured out how we're going to manage this change (although I'm certain that there are other providers in our network), but we have been consistently unhappy with PSA from the beginning anyway.

Cute Sophie moment: Sophie has been singing all kinds of Christmas songs since we went caroling on Saturday. Unfortunately, she kind of gets obsessed with one song and will sing it over and over and over again, with no end in sight.