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10:00 PM: We skipped another day again yesterday--sorry about that! Randall and I thought we were going to have all day yesterday to work at home, but Elisabeth developed some aversion to going to Countryside. We eventually gave in and let her stay home (we should have stood our ground, but it's tough sometimes). Not having Elisabeth go made Sophie very upset, but I was able to drop her off and escape with some distractions. We ended up having a very nice day with Elisabeth, who cleaned up her room (much needed) and some of Sophie's room (she makes more of a mess in Sophie's room than Sophie ever does), and played independently most of the rest of the time.

Today both girls happily went to Countryside. I worked hard all day trying to finish up the revision of that article I'm working on (it's due Friday!). Randall drove up to Durham to return the rental car and pick up our Honda. He also did some more Christmas shopping. He says he's done (whether he has everything or not, he's tired of the crowds). Randall's mom arrives tomorrow, and we can't wait! The girls will go to Countryside in the morning--Sophie has a party in her class. Sophie is also having a blood test tomorrow--the home health nurse said she would be happy to meet us at Countryside so Sophie won't have to miss anything. Then we'll head out to the airport. We had planned to do some shopping in the afternoon. I don't know how Randall's shopping moratorium will affect those plans. Stay tuned.

We are really enjoying the Christmas cards (and letters--we love reading those!) from our friends and family. Our Christmas letter has now been drafted, and Randall bought paper and cartridges today, so we hope to get ours out soon. It was tough writing the letter this year. I'm pretty sure most everyone on our list knows about Sophie, but finding the right words to sum up this year was challenging. Luckily, I procrastinated long enough that Randall wrote it (and did a nice job!).


From our family to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas. I know that you are looking forward to Randall's mother visiting you during the holidays. We do hope to make it on Christmas eve (Haley keeps reminding me). It was so good to see Sophie looking as well as she did at school the other day. We think of you all often and keep you in our prayers. Haley gave out stuffed animals (Children's 5th floor) last week. It was her own idea. She said, "I want to give something to the children in the hospital because I know how it feels to be sick and in the hospital." She also said that she wanted to save one for Sophie. Take care and we hope to see you Saturday. Laura Wilson

Merry Christmas.
I have 'misplaced' your address and wanted to send Christmas Cards to the girls ( and maybe you guys too! )
I loved our visit and somehow managed to become silent since then, for no good reason. Debbie has asked about you all too. We keep you in our prayers. Looking forward to reading the Parton family letter. Jean