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10:50 PM: We have had such a nice, full, day today. We had a lazy morning and got the girls to Countryside just after 9:00. Amy (the home health nurse) met us there to take a blood sample from Sophie. Elisabeth (who was hanging out in Sophie's room this morning) said all the kids were curious about the nurse visit and wanted to know what we were doing to Sophie). Then the girls enjoyed a Christmas party while Randall and I got ourselves organized for the day. We picked the girls up late morning and headed to the airport to pick up his mom. We were all so happy to see Karin. We had lunch and did a bit of shopping (including fun things to serve at our party on Saturday). The girls stayed up a little late tonight but are both asleep now. Tonight is Sophie's turn to sleep with Oma.

We got the results of Sophie's blood test this afternoon. Her red counts and platelets are good, but her ANC (which indicates her ability to fight off infection) is low (0.6, down from last week which was 0.8). Because her ANC is still under 1.0, they said we should still hold off on giving her any chemo at home until next week. They said her monocytes are on the rise, so they expect her ANC to be where it needs to be on Wednesday when we take her back to the clinic for her monthly visit.

If you are in the area on Saturday, please join us for our open house from 2-5 (and for our worship service at 7:00). E-mail me if you need directions to our house or to the church.