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10:30 PM We've taken a couple of days off from the weblog, largely because we've been so busy, but also because we figured folks would be away from their computers anyway. We've had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was great having my mom with us, and it was also nice to really feel "settled" here in this community and in our home. The girls have done really well at home for all these days in a row. They seem happy with their gifts and are playing with them all. Elisabeth got a "Pixel Chix" game and has spent a lot of time with that (but she's also been trying out several outfits these last couple of days). Sophie's favorite present of all seems to be a bag of pretend food, diapers, and lotion for her baby dolls. Even our cats got presents they are enjoying (new toys and cat treats). Susan and I had a belated "date night" tonight while the girls stayed with their Oma. We went shopping and out to dinner. We had a great time. I will say that the mall was a lot less crowded this evening than it was three days ago!

This has been a very special Christmas for us, for all of the obvious reasons. We are especially aware of all the gifts that we have received these past several months, perhaps the greatest of which are health for Sophie and the friends and loved ones that we have grown even closer to this past year.

Tomorrow we'll be taking mom to the airport. It always feels like she's leaving before we're ready to have her go. I guess that's better than the alternative! Wednesday we'll take Sophie to the clinic to see how her counts are doing and if they're strong enough, she'll get a quick dose of chemo, after which we'll head on up to Virginia to see Susan's mom and grandmother. I just commented this evening how we really haven't had any bad winter weather yet this year, I hope it will stay that way for at least the next week!

I hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas, and thank you all so much for keeping in touch with us and keeping us in your prayers. Many blessings for the remainder of the Christmas season and on into the new year!