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9:21 PM: Randall's mom left for home today, so that was pretty sad. None of us were ready to have her go. To ease the pain of separation, we arranged for the girls to spend the morning with friends from church. They had a great time while we took Karin to the airport and then went out to lunch. In the afternoon, I learned how to make butter mints from scratch. What fun! It's not something I plan to do on my own any time soon, but I might give it a try one day, and I got to bring some home to munch on. The biggest tragedy of the day was when Sophie closed her fingers in a door. She was picking things up with that hand by the end of the night, so we think she's okay, but we'll have the doctor take a look when she goes to clinic tomorrow. We're trying to get packed up tonight for our trip to Virginia. Sophie's appointment is early and we'll go straight to Virginia from there. Mom called today to let us know that my grandmother has been admitted to the hospital with some unexplained bleeding. We hope she'll be able to come home soon, but until then we'll be able to give mom a break while we're there.