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1:00 PM: In case the lack of a recent post has made you wonder what we're up to, here's a quick update. Randall finished one of his papers and e-mailed it this morning and got an extension on the other one until Monday. Everyone's feeling well. Sophie has a little cough but otherwise seems fine. Randall is still suffering some from the allergic rash, but it's getting better. Elisabeth had a school Christmas play last night (I missed it!), and Randall said it was really good. My trip went well (and I'm back home). The girls were very happy to see me this morning. We've had a big developmental milestone in our hosue: Sophie can get up on the potty by herself (we don't have to lift her up). That's something they've been working on at daycare, and now that she can do it herself, she gets really upset if we forget and lift her up.


After reading your website, I think i could cry. Sophie is the cutest little thing I have ever seen and I wish the best for all of you especially Sophie!