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9:15 PM There has not been too much to post, our lives have been moving along in pretty typical fashion. Susan, Sophie, and I continue to have some lingering head cold issues, but we all seem to be getting better. Sophie has been quite a crab today, and we're not sure if it's health-related (maybe she's coming down with something) or if it's just typical three-year old stuff. Lately she is just really digging in her heels when she has to do something that she does not want to do (go to bed, take her medicine, take a bath, etc.). Pretty much anything we ask her to do, she pitches a huge fit (complete with stomping her feet and everything). So, we're working on that. This morning the biggest fit (one of many today) was over going to school. Sophie just did not want to go. Well, as she got increasingly hysterical over the process of getting ready, we just let her stay in her room and vent for a while. We were not going to let her stay home, and we really did not want to be in the same room with her screaming, so we let her be alone for a while. After a while, she more or less willingly went to school, although she was still pretty upset.

Tonight, the dressing change was quite an ordeal. In fact, gone are the days when she cheerfully takes off the dressing by herself. Nowadays, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth every Monday night as we have to change Sophie's dressing. She is getting less compliant about taking her medicine as well, complaining about how it tastes and insisting that she does not want to take it. Well, you can imagine how far that goes, no matter how much she protests! I guess as I type this that it is all probably a normal, age-appropriate stage that any healthy three-and-a-half year old would go through, but it sure isn't any fun for any of us.

On another subject, I think we've got the pharmacy all straightened out. I'm still witholding my evaluation of this new pharmacy, but we got last week's issues fixed pretty quickly.

Sophie goes to the clinic next Tuesday for a spinal tap and some chemotherapy. Given how difficult she's been lately, I can only imagine the screaming that will ensue next Tuesday as she goes into the sedation room. If you hear anything next Tuesday morning about 9:00am Eastern time, it might be Sophie at the clinic!


Hello! I just wanted to pop in and let you know I have been reading for a while and know that your family continues to be in my prayers. Even though I am not a huge poster, I read almost all posts that come through the group and I have recently fallen for this whole blogging thing! I hope you don't mind that I continue to pop in and check on Sophie!
Stephanie M (Septmoms98)

I'm so glad you've posted. I've been checking everyday hoping to hear that everything is okay.

I know it is not fun to deal with a three-year old with her heels dug in (I do that every minute too), but in some sense, it is nice to know that she's got spunk after all that's gone on!

Hi, Randall and Susan! Just got word from Karin that she's turned in her retirement papers for June. She's the second person in that office that we're aware of who has retired in the last year and a half. At least, she'll have more flexible time, by the time we return to Clarksville...hopefully, this summer. Hope that Sophie's behavior is more a sign of her feeling better. Nobody ever told us what parenting could involve. Of course, the world might be a much smaller place, if we knew. Hang in there! No day without prayer for Sophie and you! Ann Clem (former Ft. Campbell resident; now Washington D.C. area.)

I am glad you posted i check daily and get a bit frazzled when there isnt anything on there i know your lives are busy and everyday life gets going but its nice to be able to check in on sophie and you guys i miss her terribly and the rest of you too keep well and god bless