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9:00 AM: We never got around to posting an update last night, so I thought I would do one today. Yesterday's drop-off at Countryside was again filled with clinging and tears, but Sophie was as happy as a clam when we picked her up in the afternoon. This morning, I tried to be very proactive about it, and as we loaded up in the car, I asked "Are you going to cry when we get there or laugh when we get there?" She said she was going to cry. I asked her if she would laugh if I held her upside down when we got there. She thought that was great and said she would laugh. When we arrived, she eagerly jumped out of the car and held up her arms. I hoisted her over my shoulder with her head down, and we went into the classroom. Then I plopped her down, hung up her jacket and walked right out! Go figure.

Two funny stories:
The four of us were having a snack at the Grocery Barn down the road recently, and one of the ladies who works there came out to talk with us. She and Sophie seemed very fond of each other, and at some point, Sophie went over to Randall and whispered loudly in his ear: "Why does she have cobwebs in her hair?" We laughed and laughed, because she had been working in the kitchen and was wearing a light-colored hairnet. I hope that doesn't say anything about the frequency of our housecleaning that Sophie so easily recognized a cobweb!

Yesterday, Elisabeth informed us that she and her "band" (a few girls at school and church who like to pretend they are in a band together) will be touring in Hawaii this summer, and since she's telling us so far ahead of time, we shouldn't have any trouble arranging the trip. I'm glad they have a great imagination, but unfortunately, it doesn't match our budget!


Oh, that makes me laugh so hard! How funny that she is in a pretend band and wants to tour Hawaii this summer :) Maybe you should ask the Make a Wish people? ;-)

Chloe is always asking for me to carry her by her annkles. Must be a three-year old thing? I'm glad that Sophie let you leave her at school without stress today!