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1/22/06 PM

8:45 PM: I'm sure those of you who have read our updates over the weekend are eagerly awaiting a report on Sophie. She's doing well. We had a little scare this morning when she woke up with a fever. Well, I should say, Elisabeth woke us up at 8:30, thank you very much, and she felt hot so I took her temperature (101.2). I really felt like I needed to take a shower and eat something before I ran off to the hospital, so I waited to call the doctor until I was closer to ready to go. Randall was already at church for a breakfast, and I assumed Elisabeth had still been asleep when he left, but I wasn't sure whether he was coming back to get her, so I figured I might need to drop her off at church before leaving. Well Randall came home while I was in the shower and took Elisabeth with him when he went back. When I had pulled myself together, I took Sophie's temperature again, and it was normal (a ray of light!). So I called the doctor, and she said that they had given a 24-hour does of antibiotics around 1:00 AM, so even if Sophei was running a temperature, there really wouldn't be anything more to do during that 24-hour period (another ray of light!). So she said if Sophie runs a fever during the night and seems to be feeling bad (although who can really tell whether liddle-of-the-night lethargy is due to illness or the fact that it's the middle of the night?), we should bring her back to the ER. Otherwise, we could just bring her in to the clinic on Monday. And if she doesn't run another fever (and she hasn't seemed to have one any other time today to far), we can just bring her to her normally-scheduled appointment on Tuesday. She said they might xray her sinuses just to make sure they don't need to consider a different antibiotic. She coughed her head off last night, but hasn't been coughing as much today. If she coughs a lot again tonight, I might give her some Delsym cough syrup. I think we've pretty much caught up on our sleep. I napped for 3 and a half hours, and Sophie slept for four and a half hours. Unfortunately, that probably means she'll have trouble going to sleep tonight.


Hey- I have my fingers crossed for the spinal tomorrow. Let's hope it's not as traumatic and this feisty 3 years old can make it! It's truly amazing that it has actually been a year. Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.