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8:10 PM I will try and get an update done quickly before Susan and the girls return from dance class. After a long day at work, Susan was kind enough to take both girls so that I could have an hour or two to work on my commissioning papers--very much appreciated and very helpful!

Sophie has been coughing a lot today, but she seemed to have a decent night and thankfully did not have any more fever since early yesterday (Sunday) morning. She got up complaining at some point and Susan went and spent the rest of the night sleeping next to Sophie, but that seemed to do the trick. Sophie slept right through Susan getting up early and getting ready for work. Elisabeth had a day off from school today, so she stayed home and mostly stayed out of my hair so I could work. Both girls slept in a little bit and I finally got Sophie to daycare around 9:15 or so (I carried her upside down into the classroom--we may have a little transition tradition here that keeps us all happy with drop-off). I'm certainly glad that she is feeling better.

Tomorrow Sophie and Susan will leave early for a trip to Chapel Hill. Sophie will get a spinal tap (under sedation, of course) and a "squirt" of vincristine in her line. Depending on how sedation goes, it should not be a terribly long day, although things do get crazy at the clinic sometimes. Of course, a clinic trip means that we start the five-day steroid regimen, so pray for us, especially as we get close to the weekend. The last two months of steroids have been not terribly bad, but we're always anticipating the potential negative side effects (particularly the crankiness). Other than that, we are all just moving along, day by day getting through all of this.

Thanks for keeping up with us!