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10:30 PM We've had a very full Saturday! Elisabeth and Sophie went to a birthday party this morning for Elisabeth's friend Haley. They had a great time and both girls got to make a "scrapbook" using pictures that we sent with them. We came home and Sophie took a nap with Susan while Elisabeth and I played. Surprisingly, Elisabeth really did not want to watch much TV today at all. It was a mixed blessing! After nap, the girls rode their bikes around outside and played for a while, and Elisabeth and I picked up some branches that had fallen in the yard.

This evening the Children and Family Ministries committee from our church sponsored an ice-skating trip, and we had well over 30 people go! Everyone seemed to have a terrific time, and Elisabeth even scooted around on the ice a bit. She fell down a fair amount, but never got upset and seemed to enjoy it. I was very proud of her independence. Sophie was not at all interested in skating, which was just fine with Susan.

Speaking of Elisabeth, someone at school found her tooth yesterday, so she wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation. The tooth fairy was very nice, and left both a note and $2.

Sophie has seemed a little extra tired today at times, but for the most part, the steroids do not seem to be affecting her too badly. It looked today like she was having a bit of a tough time getting up and down from the floor, which may be the steroids, but she always gets her strength back before too long (and she finished the steroids today).


Glad to hear that the steroids are not having a terrible effect on Sophie this time around. That's good news!