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11:00 PM: All is well in the Brumbaugh/Partin household. Sophie seems to be doing better (although now I'm having lots of congestion and coughing). Our trick for getting Sophie in to daycare today was that today is "hugging day" so she wanted to give her teachers a hug. The "hugging day" tradition started over the weekend, and I'm not sure what prompted it. Saturday was hugging day, and Sunday was kissing day. Whatever works, I suppose!

Yesterday was a busy day. After church and nap, we enjoyed yet another birthday party and Ms. Patti from church came over to babysit so we could go out. The girls were still up when we got home, and as we were winding down for the evening, Elisabeth injured herself yet again. Her Oma is pretty klutzy, so maybe it's genetic (hi, Oma!). From what we can gather, she had gotten out of the top bunk to get something and slipped on her way back up. She managed to fall into the top bunk but really bruised her hip and knee when she slipped.

Tonight, Randall had a meeting at church while I took Elisabeth to dance class (and had Sophie with me). Sophie joined the other class that was meeting (teenagers mostly). At one point, I peeked in on her, and she was dancing her little heart out while the girls were doing their routine. When we got home, it was past bedtime, and we still needed to do Sophie's dressing change. As I gathered supplies, Sophie started whining about something, and I loudly told her to "Stop!" Our new rule in the household is that whenever someone yells, they get a time out. So Elisabeth let me know that I needed to have a time out. She told me to go to my room and set the timer for one minute. I was happy to have a moment to myself, and Elisabeth monitored me to make sure I didn't talk. Before I knew it, the timer went off, and we proceeded with the dressing change. It went pretty well. Sophie decided that she was going to take off the dressing herself, but we had put on the tegaderm dressing instead of the IV3000, and the tegaderm is more adhesive, so she got kind of upset and I finished the job. Elisabeth distracted her, and she stopped crying before too long. Her chest didn't turn bright red this time like it did last time. I don't know whether the Zyrtec she's taking made the difference, or whether the fever she had last week casued the redness and irritation. Either way, we're glad things are better.


I am laughing so hard that I'm crying. I love the stories that you post on the website. That's hilarious that you got a time out, but good for you for following through on the house rules :) At any rate, congrats on getting 3 publications all at once! That is so outstanding. I know how it is to feel as though you're not sure exactly where you should be going careerwise, and often we start out going one way and end up in another place. It does sound as though the research is working out well, so maybe your career has found you. And big congrats to Randall for finishing and sending off all of his materials - that's such great news! You all work so hard, and it never ceases to amaze me how much you get done when you have so much going on in your personal lives. Kudos to both of you.

Randall - it may not be the best parenting technique - but I'd vote for the 10 or 15 minute time out next time!!
I agree with Heidi - you guys are such good parents and following the house rules is a tremendous example.
Love to all jmb