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8:00 PM Susan, Sophie, and Elisabeth are singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" at the top of their lungs across the hall. We're having some quality time with the girls before bed time. Susan had a women's meeting for church this evening and I took both girls to dance class. I got some reading in for my class while the girls danced. I did stop a couple times to peek in on them, though. Sophie's class is working on a routine to "Teddy Bear" that is just too cute. Actually, it was almost more entertaining to see the parents and grandparents crowd around the observation window as soon as the song came on!

I'm glad that Sophie is finding a creative outlet for all of her energy. She looked so happy in that class and she is such a ham. The ladies that work at the studio just eat it up and encourage her even more--someone called Sophie the "queen" of the studio because she pretty much does whatever she pleases. And we wonder why she gets upset when we try to rein her in at home!

Actually, both girls seem to be reaching a mellow behavioral plateau. These come and go, and then all of a sudden we're pulling our hair out about how the girls are acting. I'm so thankful that Sophie made it through the steroids with minimal side effects. Of course, she'll be back on them again in just a couple of weeks. I realized today that Sophie will be going to the clinic on Valentine's Day, which means she'll miss Valentine's Day in her class. It's probably a bigger deal to us than it is to her, and I'm sure there will be celebrations at the clinic. At the moment, Elisabeth seems more excited about Groundhog Day than Valentine's Day!