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7:00 PM: We had a full day yesterday (thus the lack of an entry for 1/8). The church service went well, with only one hitch. Our pianist was out, and Randall and I had been thinking about buying the hymnal on CD for the church, so Randall did that while he was on his trip. He got everything prepared to play it over the sound system, and everyone stood up for the first hymn, and... nothing happened. Apparently the CD was playing, but nothing was coming over the speakers. We'll have it looked at and hope we get it figured before the next time our pianist is out of town. We had several new people visiting during the worship service and Sunday School, which was nice. Randall did another one of his narrative-syle sermons. I like those.

We had a sitter come over last night and went out for our date night. When we got home, both girls were sleeping together on Elisabeth's floor. During the night, Sophie cried, and I moved her to Elisabeth's bottom bunk. When I got Elisabeth up this morning, she had moved to the top bunk. The girls did well in school today, but they were both kind of grumpy when Randall picked them up today. After a quick bath, we changed Sophie's dressing (she cried as usual but got over it quickly as usual). We had dinner together, and Sophie and I are home waiting for Randall and Elisabeth to return from dance class. We got the ornaments packed away last night, and I just now took the lights off the tree. That sure was a lot easier than getting them off!

We're all doing okay. Sophie is feeling well. We thought she was getting an ear infection, but she hasn't complained about her ear hurting in a couple of days now. Elisabeth's finger is still sensitive but doing much better. Randall's throat has been hurting, and I'm still coughing, although it seemed better today. Maybe I'll try just one teaspoon of cough syrup with codeine and see how I do tonight.