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2/13/06 PM

10:00 PM: The dressing change went pretty well tonight. We had a few tears, but I was able to mostly distract her by pretending I didn't know what I was doing and asking her to tell me what to do next (putting my mask on over my eyes, asking if I should clean her chest with a Barbie washcloth instead of the alcohol swabsticks, asking her if I should use 10 swabsticks instead of 3, etc.).

We have a very early morning ahead of us (we have to be there at 7:15, so we need to leave by 5:45 or sooner if possible). So I tried to take care of all the night-time rituals before she could ask for them (went to the potty, got her fresh ice water, turned on the correct lights, picked the right music). I tucked her in. Then she got out of bed to give me a piece of trash left over from the dressing change and gone back to bed. I thought we were all set, and I started working on some laundry when I heard her call me over and over. I went in there, and she said, "Mama, you forgot to cover me up and I called and called you! You're not a very good listener tonight, Buddy!" I'm fairly certain that she has not called me "buddy" before, so I'm not sure where that came from. She's all decked out in a very cute Valentine's outfit, so I'm sure she'll get lots of compliments at the clinic.

Elisabeth lost another tooth today. She has a note ready for the tooth fairy (who had better not forget to come like last time!!!).