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9:00 PM: Today was Randall's day to go in while I stayed home. I had driven into either work or treatment three days in a row, so I was ready to take a break from driving. I went walking this morning with a friend from church (hoping to make a habit of that), but I still managed to have a pretty productive day. Randall drove in to his class with another classmate who lives in Fayetteville. They enjoyed carpooling.

The girls had a good day, and they behaved very well for me once they came home. We managed to have dinner, take care of some chores around the house, practice piano, and we still had time to finish watching Lilo & Stitch 2. Elisabeth can be so empathetic when watching movies. During the sad part at the end, she was having trouble holding it together and kept telling herself that he was going to be okay (because her friend at school had told her he would be). Sophie didn't get the least bit emotional. Maybe she's too young to realize what's really going on sometimes. She seemed to have more energy today and didn't complain about taking her medicines at all (although she did complain about going to school--I guess she needs to complain about something!).

Cute Sophie story from recent days: Randall asked Sophie what letter they're working on in day care this week. She said, "I don't know, but it starts with a porcupine!"


I love your Sophie and Elizabeth stories. That is so hilarious! It makes me think of a story in The Onion the other day about the letter D withdrawing support from Sesame Street (Cookie Monster was very sad about this). Just wanted to wish you a safe and fun trip to New Mexico, and hope that all goes well with Randall's meetings!