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10:45 PM: Another weekend gone, and we have a very fun week coming up. The girls have been a real pleasure this weekend. I was home with the girls Saturday while Randall was at a workshop. I think half their toys ended up in the living room, but they had a good time. Elisabeth and I went to a local dance performance Saturday night. The Gus Giordano dance troupe (based in Chicago, I think) is on tour and made their way down here. I'm sure it was a real culture shock for them. Our local caterer did the dinner that preceded the show, and we heard that 6 out of 10 of the dancers were vegetarians, which is nearly unheard of around these parts. The performance started at 8:00 and lasted until 10:00 (Elisabeth didn't). We had a good time though, and I really enjoyed a chance to do something special--just the two of us.

Sophie has definitely been more tired than normal this time, but we're hoping the steroids will wear off before too long. She felt very hot today, but it must have been the dress she was wearing, because she never had a fever (thank goodness--that would really throw a wrench in our plans).

We had a nice evening out tonight, and tomorrow will be a busy one. I'm going in to work, and Randall will take Elisabeth (who is out of school tomorrow) to Duke with him for a lunchtime seminar. We'll need to get packed up tomorrow for our early flight on Tuesday. We're really looking forward to the trip. It's our first big trip as a family since Sophie's diagnosis, and I know folks in New Mexico are looking forward to seeing her. I really regret that we can't stay longer this time so we can see everyone. We're not going to be able to make it up Santa Fe to see our friends up there, and we can't stay over Sunday to see lots of friends from our old church. But we'll all be back again in late May/early June and will try to catch up with more friends then.

I don't think we'll be able to post updates much while we're gone. I have no idea what kind of internet access we'll have, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from us frequently (if at all) during this week. But when we're back online, we'll share the highlights (and the lowlights if they're funny)!


Hey guys -
Thanks for sharing the funny stories. I didn't write down all of the funny things the kids said (especially George!), and I'm sorry now.
Good luck with the trip and the interviews. We'll try to catch up with you on your next trip to NM. Tell Sophie and Elizabeth that we are excited they get to go on an airplane!

I hope you all have a great trip and that the interviews go well!


I hope that you will have a great trip, and I look forward to reading about it when you get back.