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9:30 AM: Wondering where we've been and why we haven't posted an update? Well, what would you say the odds are that both of our computers would crash when we got home? Apparently, my laptop died during the trip (the battery hadn't just drained, the system board was dead--it's being repaired and I have a loaner). After we arrived home Saturday night and got the girls settled in bed, Randall hunkered down to work on his sermon and the bulletins. The computer was really slow and not acting right, so Randall rebooted it, and from then on we got an error about a missing or corrupted hal.dll file. I called my friend Stan, who gave us the bad news that it usually indicates a bad hard drive but gave us a couple of suggestions to try. None worked, so Randall just had to improvise. We held the service on Sunday without bulletins, and he preached from his Treo (where he had typed in his sermon during our trip). It all worked just fine. He's going to go computer shopping today, and we might just get a laptop for our home too, since my work laptop has served me so well.

Sophie and I are still coughing a lot. I felt pretty crummy last night, but she seems to be on the road to recovery. The home health nurse is meeting Randall at Countryside right now to do a blood draw. They want to see if the slight bump in dosage of her medications two weeks is keeping her blood levels where they're supposed to be. I'll be curious to hear the results.

That's all for now!