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10:05 PM: The Super Bowl is over (Go Steelers!), so I might as well get on the computer and post. It's good to be home. I'm so glad I went--I had a good visit with my mom and Nannie, and we got a lot accomplished. My mom's closet is completely reorganized. We also worked on Nannie's dresser and some other areas of the house. She has a big box of stuff to take to Goodwill, and I took several bags of garbage to the dump. It was very satisfying, and it's much easier to do something like that for someone else than it is to take care of your own clutter. I was ruthless!

I know Randall and the girls were happy to have me home. I had a nice drive home (listening to Book the Eighth of Lemony Snickett), and when I was about 5 minutes from home (right around the time I thought I'd get there), my phone rang and it was Elisabeth wanting to know where I was. I told her I was about 5 minutes away, and she said, "Oh, wasn't that you who drove past the house just now?" Apparently, the girls were camped out by the picture window, watching out for me. Although I must admit, I have driven past the house before, it doesn't usually happen during daylight. It wasn't long before I arrived, and got big hugs from both girls (and Randall).

I wasn't home for long, when it was time to go to a Super Bowl party at the home of one of our church members. We had a good time, and I ended up playing board games (Scrabble and Rummikub) with a couple of the other ladies. We had so much fun! We're home now (obviously), and bedtime wasn't too bad (Sophie was up later than Elisabeth, as usual).

Randall told me a cute story about the girls when I got home. They slept together again last night, and Sophie was pestering Elisabeth, who was getting irritated and wanted to go to sleep. Elisabeth complained a lot about all the noise Sophie was making, and they were both pretty perterbed with each other by the time they both fell asleep. Elisabeth woke up first this morning and had some breakfast while she watched TV. When Sophie finally wandered into the living room, Elisabeth said, "Good morning" to her, to which Sophie replied (again, kind of unusual for a 3-year-old, we think), "Well, you're in a better mood, aren't you?"