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8:30 PM We've all been spending some family time together since we got home from dance class (Susan was reading books with Sophie and I was getting Elisabeth hooked on a new word game). Things are moving along here at home. Both girls seem to enjoy their dance class. Sophie, of course, has charmed just about everyone at the dance studio. Her hair has grown in enough that it looks like she's got a pixie cut instead of someone who's been through chemotherapy. Someone even asked (without knowing Sophie) if she likes her hair short. We just realized this evening that we start back on steroids next week, because we're bumping treatment up a week so we can all go to Albuquerque for my commissioning interviews. All in all, a relatively quiet and normal couple of days for us (and a wonderful thing to have to report!).


Glad to hear that everything seems to be going well and pretty normal around your house. I stop and speak to Sophie often at school and her hair is really looking good. I stepped inside her classroom to chat with the teachers one morning & in our talking, I commented that I was really tired, Sophie chimed and said I'm tired too. She reminds me alot of our girls, never misses a thing. Have a great week and weekend!! Love and prayers, Deanna Tew