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9:00 PM: We had a really nice day today. It was beautiful here--the forecast was for 80 degrees, and the girls had a great time playing outside this morning. Randall slept in and tried to fend off a headache he had when he first woke up (it worked). Once we were all finally showered and dressed, it was lunchtime, so we drove in to Fayetteville and had a nice afternoon--lunch out, a trip to Target, and a bit of grocery shopping. One of my relatives sent us a check for $30 to buy something for the girls, and they both picked Hello Kitty clock-radios (Elisabeth had been wanting a clock-radio, and when Sophie saw how cute it was, she wanted one too). It's shaped like a teacup and has a night light (a little slice of lemon sticking out of the cup).

The girls seemed particularly irritating today for some reason. They like to play "copy my words" with each other, which gets old real fast if you ask me (or Randall). Elisabeth was also just being silly, repeating or singing the same thing over and over, louder and louder, until we told her to stop (which she wouldn't do right away). She said her job today was to be irritating (mission accomplished!), to which Randall replied, "Well then, you're fired!" Sophie (who had no idea what that means) got upset because she didn't want sissy to be fired. (I guess that does sound kind of scary when you think about it). Sophie and I took naps this afternoon, Randall finished his sermon (he's practicing now), and Elisabeth made a mess of the house (she took care of that after dinner). Sophie is currently in her room, chatting away to herself. I think Elisabeth is already asleep.