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8:22 PM: Elisabeth is officially 7 and a half today--it's her half-birthday. Have you ever tried to sing "happy half-birthday to you"? It's no easy feat! Yesterday and today, she has been so agreeable, mature, and helpful. It's been wonderful, and I have complimented her frequently in the hope it will continue. She's being so lovey with Sophie. She even moved her booster seat to the middle of the back seat so they can sit right next to each other.

We're looking forward to tomorrow--Randall's dad will be visiting us for the evening. The girls are so excited. The girls are already sleeping in the same room tonight to they'll be ready to give up Sophie's room tomorrow night for grandpa. Tomorrow morning, Randall will take Sophie to Chapel Hill for treatment--she just gets vincristine (no spinal tap), so it should be a relatively quick trip (although they will have to wait for the bloodwork to come back, so it will take a little while). We're expecting Bill around lunchtime, and we'll pick Elisabeth up from school instead of having her go to afterschool care.

We started the steroids today, and she's doing well so far. She didn't complain about taking it (and in fact swallowed them tonight instead of eating them crushed up in yogurt). She's not moody yet, but she does seem tired (in fact, both girls went to bed just after 8:00, and it's remarkably quiet in there, especially considering the way they usually chat and giggle when they sleep in the same room).


Please send me info on how to support Randall on his trip!
(May I share it with Mt. View?)