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5:45 PM Just a quick post to let everyone know that Sophie has been admitted to the Children's Hospital at UNC. She's been doing fine all week with the chemo, but woke up from her nap after church today with a fever of 102-103. Susan took her to Chapel Hill and given her suppressed immune system (ANC = 0.8 on Wednesday, down to 0.6 today), the fact that her fever is so high, and the fact that she is vomiting a fair amount, the doctors decided to admit her. She has been tested for the flu, in which case she'll be administered Tamiflu. Either way, she'll be at Chapel Hill until they can get a handle on her fever. The ER doctors were also concerned by how distended Sophie's stomach is, which can either be the puffiness from the steroids or an enlarged liver. She typically gets a little puffy from the steroids (even after only five days), but the doctor seemed concerned. I don't know what to add, other than that this is incredibly sudden (typical for the flu, I guess), and that it is quite a shock to our "normal" weekend!


Oh my! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Hugs to all,

I'm sorry to hear that Sophie is in the hospital. I hope the fever will come down soon, and she'll be back home as soon as possible.