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3/20/06 8:00 AM

8:00 AM I'm getting some things together to take to UNC for Susan and Sophie. They had a pretty good night, although they got interrupted a fair amount (typical for a hospital). The most challenging thing was that they gave Sophie a lot of fluids, which meant repeated trips to the bathroom, which meant being unhooked from the heart monitor and wheeling the IV pole across the room to the toilet--a big production. Susan said that Sophie seems to be doing better (she vomited several times yesterday evening). Hopefully this is just some kind of stomach bug and they'll be on their way home soon. Sophie's ANC (the measure of her immune system that we watch most closely) is still low, and another count (monocytes) which typically serves as a "precurser" to an upswing in the ANC is also low. The combination of low ANC and fever means hospital stay. We've been very happy to have been in the hospital only rarely (and not lately at all), and we'll be happier still when this little visit is done.