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3/21/06 PM

9:00 PM: Sophie has had a good day today and seems to be feeling much better. No fevers all day as far as I know. She's the queen of the floor and is making lots of new friends (young and old). We got some clarification from one of Sophie's doctors that the reason we're now looking at Thursday is that they really want to find a way to have us do the IV antibiotics at home, and if they send us home late on Wednesday, home health wouldn't be able to train us before the next dose is due. If they send us home on Thursday morning right after she gets a dose, home health can meet us at home and train us during normal working hours. That makes sense to me, and it gives me hope that (unless new information pops up tomorrow), it's looking like we won't have to stay there the whole two weeks.

I came home today and picked up Elisabeth. She's pretty sad about Sophie being gone and really wants to see her. Tomorrow I need to go in to take care of some things in the morning, but a friend of ours is going to pick her up from school, drive her to Chapel Hill, drive her home and let her spend the night and take her to school the next day. (I can't believe we have friends who would go to those lengths for us!). That way, the girls get to see each other (which should be healing for both of them), and Randall and I can actually stay with Sophie together for longer than an hour. We've been like ships passing the night lately. Now i'm extra-thankful for that double sleeper bed in Sophie's room. Speaking of beds, mine is calling. I'm going to try to fight my normal tendency to stay up really late reading when Randall's not around.

Thanks for all the comments and e-mails we've received the last few days. Your encouragement, thoughts, and prayers are very much appreciated (and they're working!).