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3/22/06 AM

2:30 PM Sophie has had a great day so far. She's had lots of energy, which means she's very high maintenance, because everywhere she goes, the IV pole has to go with her, and guess who gets to push that thing around the floor for hours on end! We're hoping to have a conference with the doctors this afternoon. As I review our previous posts, it will look as if we're contradicting ourselves by what I'm about to post, but I guess that comes from making assumptions and assertions based on incomplete information. So, here's the lowdown as of 2:30 this afternoon (subject to revision and repudiation at any time after this):

Sophie's ANC has dropped to 0.2, but she has been fever free since night before last, which is great. We're still waiting to see how the cultures respond to the antibiotics, which means that we are in a holding pattern as to when we go home. If the bacteria prove to be responsive to only one antibiotic, we may go home. If it looks as if Sophie will need more than one antibiotic, we will probably stay here a while longer. We thought that Thursday might provide us a likely opportunity to get home, but now we're not so sure. Obviously, we'd rather be home than deal with the difficulties of driving back and forth and having our family in more than one place all the time. At the same time, we have no idea what to expect from the antibiotic treatment, so we're getting anxious about that.

Just got off the phone with Amy from Home Health, and she was very encouraging and positive about the antibiotic treatment, saying that it's really easy to do, so I feel better about that. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. For now, it's nice that Sophie is in such a great mood (even if she's being demanding) and I'm thankful that we'll all be together as a family some time this evening.