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3/26/06 1:00

1:15 PM: Randall and Elisabeth will be here any minute to help us load up and go home! Sophie's counts were actually down (.2) this morning, and we thought for a little while that they were going to make us stay, but the doctors said it's fine for us to go home. If she runs a fever, we'll have to come back, but she's not had a fever since Monday night, so we should be fine. Sophie says she wants to play with her toys at home. Home health will meet us at home at 3:30 to show us how to do her IV (it's due at 5:00).

Our friend T'yanna is not doing very well. She is having surgery in about an hour to do a biopsy of a mass in her abdomen and to insert tubes to relieve some of the swelling and pressure from fluids that is causing problems with her kidney function. I'm worried about her, and there's a part of me that wishes we weren't going home so I can be here with her.