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10:15 PM: All is well in the Partin household. Our home health nurse (Amy) came today to draw blood, but we haven't heard the results yet. They'll be checking her counts, some chemistries to make sure her organs are functioning properly, and the levels of vancomycin in her blood. We haven't heard the results yet, but we're really hoping her ANC will be higher. She had a good nap this afternoon, and the girls are sleeping together tonight (they sure do love each other!). I think our patience levels are getting back to normal, now that our lives are starting to get back to normal. Thanks for all the encouragement we've received lately!

I spoke briefly with Melissa (T'yanna's mother) about how T'yanna is doing. The biopsy results are not back, but the doctors are fairly certain they know what they're dealing with, and the news is not good. The pressure in her abdomen is still very intense and painful. Tomorrow, they're doing a colostomy, which they really hope will make her more comfortable (the tumor has been compressing her intestines, so she hasn't had a bowel movement in over a week). T'yanna was moaning and crying in the background, and Melissa couldn't say much, but she said the prognosis is "not good." I asked her what the percentage was (5-year survival rate), and she said it was zero. The doctors haven't said how much longer T'yanna has, but their family is hoping for a miracle--that she will be in that less than one percent of kids who survive such a relapse. Our hearts are breaking for them. It's just all so unbelievable. I asked her if it was okay to post these details to our visitors (because I know some of you know her). She said to post everything, because they need your prayers. So, please pray for them and keep them in your thoughts.


I am certainly praying for Tyanna. I am also passing it on to many others. My heart goes out to the family. It doesn't seem fair and is so heartbreaking. I hope Sophie has a GREAT day! Laura

I am so delighted to hear that Sophie is out of the hospital and you are able to be together as a family again! It sounds like very good news. At the same time I am very sad to hear about Tyanna, and am praying for her and her family. Heidi